Best Paper Awards


Anastasija Nikiforova, Janis Bicevskis, Zane Bicevska, Ivo Oditis for the paper “Data Quality Model-based Testing of Information System


Oana Merkt for the paper On the Use of Data Driven Models to Improve the Quality of Maintenance: A Literature Analysis of Maintenance Strategies


Christian Leyh, Thomas Schäffer, Trung Duc Nguyen for the paper “Information system backsourcing: A systematic literature analysis


Jarosław Wątróbski, Jarosław Jankowski, Artur Karczmarczyk, Waldemar Wolski, Paweł Ziemba for the paper "Integrated approach to e-commerce websites evaluation with the use of surveys and eye tracking based experiments"


Dimitrios Chatzoudes, Prodromos Chatzoglou, and Georgia Apostolopoulou for the paper "Antecedents and outcomes of ERP implementation success"
Dimitrios Chatzoudes, Prodromos Chatzoglou, Leonidas Fragidis, and Symeon Symeonidis for the paper "Critical success factors for ERP implementation"

Important dates

Technical sessions proposal submission: November 12, 2021
Paper submission (sharp / no extension): May 10, 2022
Position paper submission: June 7, 2022
Author notification: July 6, 2022
Final paper submission, registration: July 12, 2022
Payment: August 2, 2022
Conference date: September 4-7, 2022

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