Software Systems Development & Applications (SSD&A)

Kraków, Poland, September 8-11, 2013


SSD&A is a FedCSIS conference area aiming at integrating and creating synergy between FedCSIS events that thematically subscribe to the discipline of software engineering. The SSD&A area emphasizes the issues relevant to developing and maintaining software systems that behave reliably, efficiently and effectively. This area investigates both established traditional approaches and modern emerging approaches to large software production and evolution. Events that constitute SSD&A are:

  • ATSE'13 - 4th International Workshop Automating Test Case Design, Selection and Evaluation
  • IWCPS'13 - International Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems
  • PBDA'13 - Performance of Business Database Applications
  • WAPL'13 - 4th Workshop on Advances in Programming Languages

FedCSIS is organized by :

Under auspices of :

Prof. Barbara Kudrycka

Minister of Science
and Higher Education

Dr Michał Boni

Minister of Administration
and Digitization

Prof. Michał Kleiber

President of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Prof. Tadeusz Słomka

Rector of AGH University of Science and Technology

Marek Sowa

Marshal of Małopolska

Prof. Andrzej Gospodarowicz

Rector of Wroclaw
University of Economics

Prof. Jacek Majchrowski

Mayor of Kraków