Helmut V. Gläser
Workshop title : Public Presentations - Influencing People


Public Presentations - Influencing People

"It is not important what you say, but how you say it!"
"The effectiveness of what we say, depends entirely on how it is we're talking"
"We are talking very much even then, when we're not talking anything yet!"

The workshop is especially for those all who see the importance of influencing people and who have always wanted to act with confidence and pleasure in front of any number of people and who that pleasure never could discover. But also for those who want to practice their public appearance and influence on groups or to verify it or possibly improve. A lot of people are afraid to appear before groups. Others like to stay in the focus and talk, but they not always achieve their goals. Knowledge of the principles how to act in front of groups is important, it gives already some peace of mind. Even more peace of mind and confidence gives awareness of potential pitfalls and knowing how to avoid them. These two aspects are responsible for our confidence while performing, because only when we feel confident then we are convincing and than we can influence others.

And what exactly is it? This we will find out in the workshop.

We also explore how to deal with possible stress.


Diploma in political economics and sociology recived from the Albert Ludwigs University in Freiburg i. Br., Germany. Born 1952 in Racibórz / Upper Silesia. In 1967 after completion of the Polish elementary school, family-related move to the Federal Republic of Germany. From 1972 study of political economics and sociology in Freiburg i. Br., Germany. Degree in both disciplines.

Study focus: Marketing and System Comparison.

Study stays in Poland (American Stipendium 1975) and Italy, based on that stays diploma thesis: "Importance of bureaucratic coordination of decisions in planned economies from a regulatory point of view." After graduating in 1976 first branch manager with sales responsibility at Volkswohlbund Insurance Ltd. in Freiburg i Br. In 1977 change to the pharmaceutical industry. Rise from marketing trainee, Pharma consultant, Product Manager, Head of Product Management to Marketing Director. Among companies Goedecke AG, Sanofi Pharma, Sterling Drug and Ferring GmbH, TWG S.A.. Last head of a German-Russian joint venture in Moscow. Effective summer 1992 independent as Management and Negotiation Trainer and Interim Manager in the languages German, English, Polish, Spanish and Russian

Central topics of interest:

„Soft skills“: Executive training, Negotiation training, Communication, Influencing groups, Presentation, Rhetorics, Motivation / Demotivation, Conflict-Management

The lectures on international conferences will be evaluated under the aspects of practical relevance and type of performance with 95 out of 100 possible points.

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