DS-RAIT Program

09:00-10:40 Wednesday 12.09.2018. Session 1. Chair: 
09:00-09:20 MDPC decoding algorithms and their impact on the McEliece cryptosystem. Author: Artur Janoska
09:20-09:40 The Design of Digital Filter System used in Stimulation with Tomatis Method. Authors: Krzysztof Jóźwiak, Michał Bujacz, Aleksandra Królak
09:40-10:00 Static typing and dependency management for SOA. Author: Nikita Gerasimov
10:00-10:20 New Grid for Particle Filtering of Multivariable Nonlinear Objects. Authors: Piotr Kozierski, Jacek Michalski, Talar Sadalla, Wojciech Giernacki, Joanna Ziętkiewicz, Szymon Drgas
11:10-13:00 Wednesday 12.09.2018. Session 2. Chair: 
11:10-11:30 UAV downwash dynamic texture features for terrain classification on autonomous navigation. Authors: João Pedro Carvalho, José Manuel Fonseca, André Damas Mora
11:30-11:50 Acoustic Model Training, using Kaldi, for Automatic Whispery Speech Recognition. Authors: Piotr Kozierski, Talar Sadalla, Szymon Drgas, Adam Dąbrowski, Joanna Ziętkiewicz, Wojciech Giernacki
11:50-12:10 ECG Signal Analysis for Troponin Level Assessment and Coronary Artery Disease Detection: the NEEDED Study 2014. Authors: Dominika Długosz, Aleksandra Królak, Trygve Eftestøl, Stein Ørn, Tomasz Wiktorski, Kay Raymond Jenssen Oskal, and Martin Nygård (presentation in BEDA'18)


Important dates

  • Call for event proposals: November 14, 2017
  • Call for dissemination event proposals: February 28, 2018
  • Paper submission (strict deadline): May 15 2018 23:59:59 pm HST
  • Position paper submission: June 12, 2018
  • Authors notification: June 24, 2018
  • Final paper submission and registration: July 23, 2018
  • Final deadline for discounted fee: August 01, 2018
  • Conference dates: September 9-12, 2018

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