Conference Venue

Lodz University of Technology (TUL), the 2015 FedCSIS hosts, belongs to largest Polish academic centres. It was founded in 1945 and at the beginning consisted of three faculties: Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Chemical Engineering, and a Textile Engineering Division.

Nowadays, prospective TUL students can choose from an offer of nine faculties. TUL offers almost 40 fields of study in all relevant engineering disciplines. Many of the study programs are offered in foreign languages at its International Faculty of Engineering. Currently, over 20,000 students are enrolled at TUL. TUL Is the first Polish university that have been awarded ECTS Label Certificate by the European Commission.

Over 1,600 TUL scientists are involved in research activities comprising of biomedical engineering, industrial biotechnology, materials engineering, food technology, computer science, nanoelectronics, telecommunications, production management systems and many more. TUL takes part in numerous international research programs collaborating with over 450 institutions from more than 40 countries.

Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering is the largest of TUL’s faculties. The faculty staff consists of 260 academics. It educates engineers in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Telecommunications, Automatic Control and Robotics, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, Transport, Occupational Safety Engineering, Power Engineering, and Mechatronics. More than 50 professors lead research projects in areas of artificial intelligence, image processing, microelectronics, distributed power generation, biomedical engineering.

Venue Address

Lodz University of Technology
Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering
A10 Building
ul. Stefanowskiego 18/22
90-924 Łódź

Travelling guides

Entry and parking of individual cars within Campus A of the Lodz University of Technology (TUL) will be possible for cars having FEDCSIS conference-logo-sheet behind the front glass.

The conference is held at the Faculty of Electrical, Electronic, Computer and Control Engineering (building A10). Entering the Campus A with your own car will be possible only via the gateway located at Wólczańska 175 str, while the main walking entrance to the building A10 is located near the crossing of Radwańska and Stefanowskiego streets. Suggested parking spaces will be allocated along the Stefanowskiego street towards the Radwańska str as indicated on the pictures below.

Please remember to download, print the conference-logo sheet and put it behind your front glass when entering TUL Campus A. There are exntensive road works / repairs conducted in Lodz and in the university area, so some restrictions on traffic and detours may apply. Have a nice trip and see you in Łódź!

Important dates

  • Call for event proposals: October 31, 2014
  • Paper submission: Friday May 08 2015 23:59:59 pm HST
  • Position paper submission: June 01, 2015
  • Acceptance decision: June 15, 2015
  • Final version of paper submission: July 01, 2015
  • Final deadline for discounted fee: July 31, 2015
  • Conference dates: September 13-16, 2015

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Under auspices of

Prof. Lena Kolarska-Bobińska

Minister of Science
and Higher Education

Prof. Michał Kleiber

President of the Polish Academy of Sciences

Andrzej Halicki

Minister of Administration
and Digitization

Witold Stępień

Marszałek Województwa

Hanna Zdanowska

Mayor of the City of Lodz

Professor Stanisław Bielecki

His Magnificence Rector of Łódź University of Technology