International Multiconference
on Computer Science and Information Technology

October 15-17, 2007, Wisla, Poland

Detailed schedule of
Computer Aspects of Numerical Algorithms (CANA’07)


16.00 - 17.00:  Poster Session

Regularizing Properties of Difference Schemes for Integral-Differential Equations of Index One
Elena Chistyakova
Image reconstruction from incomplete data projections by means of iterative algebraic algorithms
Nadiya Gubareni, Mariusz Pleszczynski
Parallel PCG algorithms for voxel FEM elasticity systems
Svetozar Margenov, Yavor Vutov
Automatic First- and Second-Order Adjoints for Truncated Newton
Uwe Naumann, Michael Maier, Jan Riehme, Bruce Christianson
On the computer simulation of heat and mass transfer in vacuum freeze-drying
Krassimir Georgiev, Ivan Lirkov, Nikola Kosturski, Svetozar Margenov
Implementing the Conjugate Gradient Method on a grid computer
Tijmen Collignon, Martin van Gijzen
Molecular Dynamic computer simulations of nanoflows
Anna Kucaba-Pi�?tal, Janusz Bytnar, Zbigniew Walenta
Applications of Finite Element Methods in synovial joint numerical calculations
Anna Kucaba-Pi�?tal, Jaros??aw S�?p
113. Linking of direct and iterative methods in Markovian models solving
Beata Bylina, Jaroslaw Bylina
166. Comparative Analysis of High Performance Solvers for 3D Elliptic Problems
Ivan Lirkov, Yavor Vutov
Airfoil shape optimization by coupling computational fluid dynamics with evolutionary multiobjective optimization
Daniela Zaharie, Silviu Panica, Marius Stoia-Djeska, Mircea Dragan, Dana Petcu