International Multiconference
on Computer Science and Information Technology

October 15-17, 2007, Wisla, Poland

Detailed schedule of
Workshop on Agent Based Computing IV (ABC ’07)


17.15 - 18.30:  Poster Session

Overview of an approach for a Web based Mobile Agent architecture
Marius Feldmann
Temporal Verification of Probabilistic Multi-Agent Systems
Michael Dekhtyar, Alexander Dikovsky, Mars Valiev
A Practical Approach for Researching Trading Agents’ Behavior in a CDA Environment
Galina Ilieva
Abstract software migration architecture towards agent middleware interoperability
Jordi Cucurull, Benno J. Overeinder, Michel A. Oey, Joan Borrell, Frances M.T. Brazier
An Architecture for Resource Bounded Agents
Slawomir Nowaczyk, Jacek Malec

A Common Base for Building Secure Mobile Agent Middleware Systems
Guido van 't Noordende, Benno Overeinder, Reinier Timmer, Frances Brazier, Andrew Tanenbaum 

168. Employment of mobile multiagent systems for attendance of transaction of distributed database
Zofia Kruczkiewicz
Utilization of Software Agents and Web Services as Transducers for Legacy Software; Case Study Based on an SMTP Server
Michal Oglodek, Maciej Gawinecki, Marcin Paprzycki