All times are in the Central European Summer Time (CEST, UTC+2) timezone.

September 17, 2023 (Sunday), 12:00-14:00, room 104

12:00–12:30 Kimon-Antonios Provatas, Ioannis Tzannetos and Vassilios Vescoukis Standards-based Cyber Threat Intelligence sharing using private Blockchains
12:30–12:50 Vasyl Ustimenko and Aneta Wroblewska Extremal algebraic graphs, quadratic multivariate public keys and temporal rules
12:50–13:10 Patryk Sulej and Krzysztof Hryniów Using graph solutions to identify "troll farms" and fake news propagation channels
13:10–13:30 Szymon Chadam and Paweł Topa Proof-of-Work CAPTCHA with password cracking functionality
13:30–13:50 Aditya Srinivas Menon and Gouri Nair VICRA: Variance-Invariance-Covariance Regularization for Attack Prediction

September 17, 2023 (Sunday), 15:00-16:30, room 104

15:00–15:20 Mateusz Korona, Bartosz Zabołotny, Fryderyk Kozioł, Mateusz Biernacki, Radosław Giermakowski, Paweł Rurka, Marta Chmiel and Mariusz Rawski IoTrust - a HW/SW framework supporting security core baseline features for IoT
15:20–15:40 Vasyl Ustimenko, Tymoteusz Chojecki and Michal Klisowski On Extremal Algebraic Graphs and implementations of new cubic Multivariate Public Keys
15:40–16:00 Wojciech Węgrzynek and Paweł Topa Postquantum symmetric cryptography inspired by neural networks
16:00–16:30 Anika Hannemann and Erik Buchmann Is Homomorphic Encryption Feasible for Smart Mobility?
16:30–16:30 NEMESIS summary - discussion

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