FedCSIS Online Session Program

All times are in the Central European Summer Time (CEST, UTC+2) timezone.

September 20, 2023 (Wednesday), 09:00-11:00, room 103 / online

Session chair: Tomasz Szmuc

Meeting link: join HERE

9:00–9:20 Felix Petcusin, Cosmin Stoica Spahiu and Liana Stanescu A machine learning approach for automatic testing
9:20–9:40 Zipani Tom Sinkala and Sebastian Herold Investigating the Effect of Partial and Real-Time Feedback in INMAP Code-To-Architecture Mapping
9:40–10:00 Tumu Akshar, Lov Kumar, Yogita and Lalita Bhanu Murthy Comparative Analysis of Word Embedding and Machine Learning Techniques for Classification of Software Developer Communications on Gitter
10:00–10:20 Lov Kumar, Vikram Singh, Lalita Bhanu Murthy, Sanjay Misra and Aneesh Krishna An Empirical Framework for Software Aging-Related Bug Prediction using Weighted Extreme Learning Machine
10:20–10:40 Denys Gobov and Nikolai Sokolovskiy Association Rule Mining for Requirement Elicitation Techniques in IT Projects
10:40–11:00 Tomas van Groningen and Sietse Overbeek Waiting list procedure improvements for master program courses in Information and Computing Sciences

September 20, 2023 (Wednesday), 11:30-13:30, room 103 / online (A)

Session chairs: Maria Ganzha and Marcin Paprzycki

Meeting link: join HERE

11:30–11:50 Zakaria Bairi, Kadda Beghdad Bey, Olfa Ben-Ahmed, Abdenour Amamra and Abbas Bradai  Dual-Path Image Reconstruction: Bridging Vision Transformer and Perceptual Compressive Sensing Networks
11:50–12:10 Mohamad Soubra, Marek Kisiel-Dorohinicki, Marcin Kurdziel and Marek Zachara Incident Detection with Pruned Residual Multilayer Perceptron Networks
12:10–12:30 Mani A and Sushmita Mitra  Large Minded Reasoners for Soft and Hard Cluster Validation -- Some Directions
12:30–12:50 Luan Souza, Methanias Colaço Júnior, Raphael Fontes, Rodrigo Silva, Gabriel Lins, Caldeira Silva, Jailton Paiva and Ricardo Valetim Data science to identify crimes against public administration

September 20, 2023 (Wednesday), 11:30-13:30, room 104 / online (B)

Session chairs: Maurizio Naldi and Gonçalo Paiva Dias

Meeting link: join HERE

11:30–11:50 Yahya Alqahtani, Natalia Beloff and Martin White Exploring M-Commerce Vendors' Perspectives in Post-Saudi Vision 2030: A Thematic Analysis
11:50–12:10 Necmettin Ozkan, Karen Eilers, and Mehmet Şahin Gök Back to the Essential: A Literature-Based Review on Agile Mindset
12:10–12:30 Maysoon Bineid, Natalia Beloff, Martin White and Anastasia Khanina CADM: Big Data to Limit Creative Accounting in Saudi-Listed Companies
12:30–12:50 Robert Susik, Robert Nowotniak, and Emanuel Kulczycki Blockchain-based certification of research outputs and academic achievements: A case of scientific conference
12:50–13:10 Robert Gieroba and Łukasz Kruk Diffusion Limits for Shortest Remaining Processing Time Queues with Multiple Customer Types

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Important dates

  • Technical sessions proposal submission: November 14, 2022
  • Paper submission (no extensions): May 23, 2023
  • Position paper submission: June 7, 2023
  • Author notification: July 11, 2023
  • Final paper submission, registration: July 31, 2023
  • Discounted payment: August 18, 2023
  • Conference date: September 17⁠–⁠20, 2023

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