MMAP Program

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11:30-13:30 EEST Wednesday 07.09.2022 online JOIN HERE
11:30-11:55 Andrzej Lamecki, Krzysztof Kaczmarski and Joanna Porter-Sobieraj, Hierarchical data structures in rendering scenes containing a massive number of light sources
11:55-12:15 Konrad Koniarski and Andrzej Myśliński, A Modified ICP Algorithm Based on FAST and Optical Flow for 3D Registration
12:15-12:35 Marek Parfieniuk, Encrypting JPEG-compressed images by substituting Huffman code words
12:35-12:55 Julia Falkowska and Janusz Sobecki, Replication of first-click eye tracking A/B test of webpage interactive elements


Important dates

Technical sessions proposal submission: November 21, 2021
Paper submission (sharp / no extension): May 10, 2022
Position paper submission: June 7, 2022
Author notification: July 7, 2022
Registration and early payment will be open on: July 13, 2022
Final paper submission, registration: July 24, 2022
Discounted payment: July 26, 2022
Conference date: September 4-7, 2022

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