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FedCSIS announces two separate calls for papers, with the deadlines for submissions about three weeks apart: Call for Regular Papers and Call for Position Papers.

Papers submitted within the Call for Regular Papers can be accepted, by the event’s Program Committee, in one of the three categories: full papers, short papers or communication papers. Regular papers must consists of minimum 4 and maximum 10 pages at submission, but when accepted they will be published with the following upper size restrictions: up to 10 pages for full papers, up to 4 pages for short papers, up to 8 pages for communication papers.

Full and short papers constitute Proceedings of the FedCSIS conference – they are published electronically in a volume of “Annals of Computer Science and Information Systems” (ACSIS) and are submitted for inclusion in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library. ACSIS Volumes with Proceedings of the FedCSIS conference are submitted for indexation in Web of Science, SCOPUS, DBLP, Index Copernicus and other indexing services (see, Indexation for more details).

Communication papers are published in separate ACSIS volume(s) and they are not submitted to the IEEE Xplore DL. This means that they are not submitted for indexing in the Web of Science. However, they are submitted to all remaining indexing services (see Indexation,  for current indexation information).

Papers submitted within the Call for Position Papers can only be accepted as position papers, i.e. they cannot be accepted as regular papers. They must consists of minimum 4 and maximum 8 pages at submission, and when accepted the size limit of 8 pages applies. Position papers are published similarly to communication papers, i.e. in separate ACSIS volume(s) and they are not submitted to the IEEE Xplore DL. They are indexed as per the indexation of the communication papers explained above.

One final category of papers within the FedCSIS multi-conference are dissemination papers presented within special dissemination events dedicated to the dissemination of R&D results obtained in consortia-based projects and ventures. Dissemination papers are published in a separate volume(s) of ACSIS series. Page limits are at the discretion of the organizers of a dissemination event and as agreed with the Chairs of the FedCSIS Conference Series.

Categories of Papers

Paper Reviews and Acceptance Decisions

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Important dates

Submission of technical session proposals: November 12, 2019
Paper submission (sharp / no extension): July 3, 2020
Position paper submission: July 17, 2020
Author notification: August 1, 2020
Final paper submission, registration: August 14, 2020
Payment: August 28, 2020
Conference date: September 6-9, 2020

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