BEDA Program

11:00-13:00 Sunday 09.09.2018. Session 1. Chair: Tomasz Wiktorski

Prediction of Alzheimer's Disease in Patients using Features of Pupil Light Reflex to Chromatic Stimuli
Authors: Minoru Nakayama, Wioletta Nowak, Tomasz Krecicki, Andrzej Hachol


Towards Amblyopia Therapy Using Mixed Reality Technology

Authors: Adam Nowak, Mikolaj Wozniak, and Michał Pieprzowski, Andrzej Romanowski


ECG Signal Analysis for Troponin Level Assessment and Coronary Artery Disease Detection: the NEEDED Study 2014

Authors: Dominika Dlugosz, Aleksandra Królak, Trygve Eftestøl, Stein Ørn, Tomasz Wiktorski, Kai Oskal, Martin Nygård


Supporting gastroesophageal reflux disease diagnostics by using wavelet analysis in esophageal pH-metry

Authors: Piotr M Tojza, Grzegorz Redlarski, Maria Janiak


Contextual processing of electrical capacitance tomography measurement data for temporal modeling of pneumatic conveying process

Authors: Andrzej Romanowski

14:00-15:40 Sunday 09.09.2018. Session 2. Chair: Aleksandra Królak

Assistive Smart, Structured 3D Environmental Information for the Visually Impaired and Blind: Leveraging the INSPEX Concept

Authors: Richard Banach, Suzanne Lesecq


Unintended effects of dependencies in source code on the flexibility of IT in organizations

Authors: Deborah Tarenskeen, Rogier Van de Wetering, Rene Bakker


ECG signal coding methods in digital systems

Authors: Tomasz Żentara, Krzysztof Murawski


Development of a mathematical model for electrode systems in rheoophthalmography

Authors: Petr Luzhnov, Anna Kiseleva, Dmitry Shamaev


#378: Challenges in Causal Inference from Personal Monitoring Devices

Authors: Tomasz Wiktorski


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