Monday, September 14th, 2015

16:30–18:30 CANA (room E105)
  jPar - a simple, free and lightweight tool for parallelizing Matlab calculations on multicores and in clusters - A. Karbowski, M. Majchrowski, P. Trojanek, T. Pokorski, D. Załuga
  Image Processing and Analysis of Textile Fibers by Virtual Random Walk - H. Zghidi, M. Walczak, T. Błachowicz, K. Domino, A. Ehrmann
  Using Random Butterfly Transformations in Parallel Schur Complement-Based Preconditioning - M. Baboulin, A. Jamal, M. Sosonkina
  A hypothetical way to compute an upper bound for the heights of solutions of a Diophantine equation with a finite number of solutions - A. Tyszka
  A K-iterated scheme for the first-order Gaussian recursive filter with boundary conditions - S. Cuomo, a. galletti, R. Farina, L. Marcellino
  Reproducible floating-point atomic addition in data-parallel environment - D. defour, S. Collange
  Block Preconditioned Conjugate Gradient Method for Extraction of Natural Vibration Frequencies in Structural Analysis - S. Fialko, F. Żegleń
  Strategies of parallelizing nested loops on the multicore architectures on the example of the WZ factorization for the dense matrices - J. Bylina, B. Bylina

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

09:00–10:40 CANA (room E105)
  Kaprekar's transformations. Part II -- numerical results and intriguing corollaries - R. Witula, E. Hetmaniok, M. Pleszczynski, I. Sobstyl
  Kaprekar's transformations. Part I -- theoretical discussion - M. Pleszczynski, E. Hetmaniok, I. Sobstyl, R. Witula
  Estimation of numerical reproducibility on CPU and GPU - F. JEZEQUEL, J. LAMOTTE, I. SAID
  TRACO: An Automatic Loop Nest Parallelizer for Numerical Applications - M. Palkowski, T. Klimek, W. Bielecki
  Suppression of Radio Frequency Interferences Using the Adaptive FIR Filter Based on the Linear Prediction - D. Głas
  DCT trigger for a detection of very inclined showers in the Pierre Auger surface detector Engineering Array in the new High-Resolution Front-End based on the Cyclone V FPGA - Z. Szadkowski
  Artificial Neural Network as the FPGA Trigger in the Cyclone V based Front-End for a Detection of Neutrino-Origin Showers in the Pierre Auger Engineering Array - Z. Szadkowski, D. Głas, K. Pytel



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