Sunday, September 13th, 2015

14:00-15:40 AAIA. Session A: OPTIMIZATION AND LEARNING. Session Chair: Roussanka Loukanova (room E5)
  Classification and Optimization of Decision Trees for Inconsistent Decision Tables Represented as MVD Tables - M. Azad, M. Moshkov
  DiverGene: Experiments on Controlling Population Diversity in Genetic Algorithm with a Dispersion Operator - M. Sydow, A. Strzezek, L. Trammer
  Queries for detailed information system selection - A. Dardzinska, A. Romaniuk
  Processing Imprecise Database Queries by Fuzzy Clustering Algorithms - A. Pelikant, A. Kowalczyk-Niewiadomy
  Datacenter Outage Preemption using Hybrid Machine Learning and NLP - C. Roy, S. Moitra, M. Das, S. Srinivasan, R. Malhotra

Monday, September 14th, 2015

09:00-10:40 AAIA. PLENARY TALKS. Session Chair: Halina Kwaśnicka (room E5)
  Eunika Mercier-Laurent - AI Supporting Innovation Ecosystems
  Matti Pietikäinen - Perceptual Interfaces for Intelligent Human-Computer Interaction


16:30-18:30 AAIA. Session B: DEALING WITH COMPLEX DATA. Session Chair: Marcin Sydow (room E5)
  Detection of Breast Abnormalities of Thermograms based on a New Segmentation Method - Mona A. S. Ali; Gehad Ismail Sayed, Tarek Gaber, Aboul Ella Hassanien, Vaclav Snasel, Lincoln F. Silva
  Short survey: adaptive threshold methods used to segment immunonegative cells from simulated images of follicular lymphoma stained with 3,3` -Diaminobenzidine&Haematoxylin, Authors: Ł. Roszkowiak, A. Korzynska, D. Pijanowska
  The Serialization of Heterogeneous Documents - P. Hampton, W. Blackburn, H. Wang
  Self-Explanation through Semantic Annotation: A Survey - J. Fähndrich, S. Ahrndt, S. Albayrak
  Unsupervised Extraction of Graph-stream Structure for Purpose of Knowledge Retrieval and Information Fusion - R. Ziembiński
  Implementation of Decision Support System on m/f Wolin - P. Wołejsza

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015

09:00-10:40 AAIA. Session C: DATA PROCESSING AND CLASSIFICATION. Session Chair: Danuta Zakrzewska (room E5)
  Transformation of nominal features into numeric in supervised multi-class problems based on the weight of evidence parameter - E. Zdravevski, P. Lameski, A. Kulakov, S. Kalajdziski
  Parallel computation of information gain using Hadoop and MapReduce - E. Zdravevski, P. Lameski, A. Kulakov, S. Filiposka, D. Trajanov, B. Jakimovski
  Comparison of Decision Trees with Rényi and Tsallis Entropy Applied for Imbalanced Churn Dataset - K. Gajowniczek, T. Ząbkowski, A. Orłowski
  A new benchmark dataset for Multi-Skill Resource-Constrained Project Scheduling Problem - P. Myszkowski, M. Skowroński, K. Sikora


14:00-15:40 AAIA. Session D: DECISION SYSTEMS IN PRACTICE. Session Chair: Eunika Mercier-Laurent (room E5)
  DISESOR - decision support system for mining industry - M. Kozielski, M. Sikora, Ł. Wróbel
  Lessons Learnt From Designing Indoor Positioning System Using 868MHz Radios and Neural Network - M. Meina, B. Celmer, K. Rykaczewski
  Application of Artificial Neural Network and Support Vector Regression in Cognitive Radio Networks for RF Power Prediction Using Compact Differential Evolution Algorithm - S. Iliya, E. Goodyer, J. Gow, J. Shell, M. Gongora


16:00-18:00 AAIA. Session E: DEALING WITH COMPLEX CONCEPTS. Session Chair: Ernestina Menasalvas (room E5)
  Spatial information in classification of activity videos - S. Sengupta, H. Wang, W. Blackburn, P. Ojha
  Pawlak's flow graph extensions for video surveillance systems - K. Lisowski, A. Czyżewski
  New similarity index based on the aggregation of membership functions through OWA operator - A. Ait Younes, F. Blanchard, M. Herbin
  Representing Parametric Concepts with Situation Theory - R. Loukanova
  Emotion Monitor - Concept, Construction and Lessons Learned - A. Landowska

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

09:00-10:40 AAIA. Zdzislaw Pawlak and IFSA award winners presentations. Session Chair: Dominik Ślęzak (Faculty Conference Room)
  BEST PAPER - Equality in computer proof-assistants - A. Grabowski, A. Kornilowicz, C. Schwarzweller
  IFSA AWARD - Rule Quality Measures Settings in a Sequential Covering Rule Induction Algorithm - an Empirical Approach - M. Michalak, M. Sikora, Ł. Wróbel
  BEST STUDENT PAPER - Recurrent drifts: applying fuzzy logic to concept similarity function - M. Abad, E. Menasalvas
  COMPETITION WINNER - The Winning Solution to the AAIA’15 Data Mining Competition: Tagging Firefighter Activities at a Fire Scene - J. Lasek, M.Gągolewski


11:00-13:00 AAIA. Data Mining Competition Session. Session Chair: Andrzej Janusz (room E5)
  Tagging Firefighter Activities at the Emergency Scene: Summary of AAIA’15 Data Mining Competition at Knowledge Pit - M. Meina, A. Janusz, K. Rykaczewski, D. Ślęzak, B. Celmer, A. Krasuski
  A Versatile Approach to Classification of Multivariate Time Series Data - A. Zagorecki
  Robust histogram-based feature engineering of time series data - E. Zdravevski, P. Lameski, R. Mingov, A. Kulakov, D. Gjorgjevikj
  Tagging Fireworkers Activities from Body Sensors under Distribution Drift - M. Boull´e
  Clustering Approach to the Problem of Human Activity Recognition using Motion Data - S. Wawrzyniak, W. Niemiro
  Window-Based Feature Extraction Framework for Multi-Sensor Data: A Posture Recognition Case Study - M. Grzegorzewski, S. Stawicki


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