Sunday, September 7th, 2014

11:00–13:00 AAIA. Foundations and Applications. Chair: Dominik Ślęzak (room 328)
  Fuzzy Logic Rules Modeling Similarity-based Strict Equality – Ginés Moreno, Jaime Penabad, Carlos Vázquez
  Election Algorithms Applied to the Global Aggregation in Networks of Comparators – Łukasz Sosnowski, Andrzej Pietruszka, Stanisław Łazowy
  The influence of using fractal analysis in hybrid MLP model for short-term forecast of closing prices on Warsaw Stock Exchange – Michał Paluch, Lidia Jackowska-Strumiłło
  Approaches to the Intelligent Subject Search – Vladimir Ivanov, Boris Palyukh, Alexander Sotnikov
  Full Rough Sets – Ray-Ming Chen

14:00–15:40 AAIA. Biologically Inspired Optimization. Chair: Gülgün Kayakutlu (room 328)
  Fully Informed Swarm Optimization Algorithms: Basic Concepts, Variants and Experimental Evaluation – Szymon Łukasik, Piotr Andrzej Kowalski
  The inverse infection problem – András Bóta, Miklós Krész, András Pluhár
  A Developmental Genetic Approach to the cost/time trade-off in Resource Constrained Project Scheduling – Grzegorz Pawiński, Krzysztof Sapiecha
  Solving Graph Coloring Problem with Parallel Evolutionary Algorithms in a Mesh Model – Zbigniew Kokosinski, Piotr Domagała

16:00–18:00 AAIA. Web and Text Processing. Chair: Irwin King (room 328)
  Adaptive Learning for Improving Semantic Tagging of Scientific Articles – Andrzej Janusz, Sebastian Stawicki, Hung Son Nguyen
  Ladder Tagger—Splitting Decision Space to Boost Tagging Quality – Mariusz Paradowski, Adam Radziszewski
  Depression Prediction towards Microblog Users based on the Multiple Periods – Quan Hu, Ang Li, Rui Gao, Tingshao Zhu
  Global versus modular link prediction approach for discapnet: website focused to visually impaired people – Olatz Arbelaitz, Aizea Lojo, Javier Muguerza, Iñigo Perona
  Dynamic Weighting New method of weighting panels with largenumbers of weighting parameters – Marcin Pery

Monday, September 8th, 2014

09:00–10:40 AAIA. Prediction and Interaction. Chair: Sławomir Zadrożny (room 328)
  Experimental evaluation of selected tree structures for exact and approximate k-nearest neighbor classification – Aleksander Cisłak, Szymon Grabowski
  Neural network approach to ECT inverse problem solving for estimation of gravitational solids flow – Hela Garbaa, Lidia Jackowska-Strumiłło, Krzysztof Grudzień, Andrzej Romanowski
  An unorthodox view on the problem of tracking facial expressions – Magdalena Błażek, Maria Kazimierczak, Artur Janowski, Katarzyna Mokwa, Marek Przyborski, Jakub Szulwic
  YUV vs RGB – Choosing a Color Space for Human-Machine Interaction – Michal Podpora, Grzegorz Paweł Korbaś, Aleksandra Kawala-Janik

14:30–16:10 AAIA. Trees, Rules and Reducts. Chair: Adam Krasuski (room 328)
  Minimizing Size of Decision Trees for Multi-label Decision Tables – Mohammad Azad, Mikhail Moshkov
  Parallel Feature Selection Algorithm based on Rough Sets and Particle Swarm Optimization – Mateusz Adamczyk
  An approach to discover false alarms in monitoring system in the copper mine – Bartlomiej Karaban, Jerzy Korczak
  Identification of malware activities with rules – Bartosz Jasiul, Joanna Śliwa, Kamil Gleba, Marcin Szpyrka


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  • Paper submission (strict deadline): Wednesday Apr 23 2014 11:59:59 pm HST
  • Position paper submission: May 23, 2014
  • Acceptance decision: June 02, 2014
  • Final version of paper submission: June 24, 2014
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  • Conference dates: September 7-10, 2014

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