Márta Nagy Rothengass
European Commission
DG Communications Networks, Content and Technology
Unit G3 - Data Value Chain
Keynote title : Data value chain in Europe


Data is today everywhere. The quantity and growth of generated data is enormous, its proper management challenges us individual users but also business and public organisations. We are facing data/information overflow and we are often handicapped by storing, managing, analysing and preserving all of our data.

At the same time, this growing large amount of data offers us due to its intelligent linkage, analysis and processing

  • business opportunities like establishment of new, innovative digital services towards end users and organisations;
  • better decision making support in business and public sector; and
  • increased intelligence and better knowledge extraction.

This is the reason why many of us see (big) data as the “oil of the 21th century”. Individuals but also business and public institutions are challenged to unlock all the potentials and the best possible added value of complex and big data.  It has become a competitive advantage to offer the right data to the right people at the right time.

In my talk I will introduce the “value chain thinking” on data, than analyse its main technology and business challenges and inform about the on-going and envisaged policy, infrastructure, research and innovation activities at European level.

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Short Bio:

Márta has broad working experience Europe wide in business and public environment. She dealt with initiation and transaction of trade agreements, taught Business Studies, managed social association and did consultancy work. She gathered her interest on ICT while establishing "New Media" by a traditional German manufacturing company.

In 2005 Márta joined the EC as the Head of Unit of "ICT for the Environment" in DG Information Society and Media, and developed her Unit further to "ICT for Sustainable Growth" linked to the integrated climate and energy policy. After her move to Luxembourg in 2008 she served as Head of Unit "Technologies for Information Management" with focus on research and development funding of innovative ICT technologies supporting the creation of intelligent digital objects and knowledge management, later on the efficient management of extremely large scale data including Open Data. Since July 2012 she is in charge of the Data Value Chain Unit and builds up on a strategy to extract the maximum value from data by building on the intelligent use of data sources across the European Union and beyond. This includes the development of adequate policy environment, setting up the needed Open Data infrastructure and management of a large research and innovation project portfolio as well as the establishment of a broad stakeholder Forum and engagement.

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