fot. Stanisław Klimek
fot. Stanisław Klimek


Wrocław, Poland, 9 - 12 September, 2012

The FedCSIS Multiconference consists of Events (conferences, symposia, workshops, special sessions). Each Event may run over any span of time within the conference dates (from half-day to three days). The FedCSIS Events provide a platform for bringing together researchers, practitioners, and academia to present and discuss ideas, challenges and potential solutions on established or emerging topics related to research and practice in computer science and information systems.

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Events confirmed thus far to take place during the FedCSIS conference.
Events are grouped by FedCSIS conference areas of various degree of events integration; those in italics and without the superfluous indication of the year 2012 signify "abstract areas" with no direct paper submissions (i.e. paper submissions only within enclosed events).

  • AAIA'2012 - 7th International Symposium Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Applications
    • AIMA'2012 - International Workshop on Artificial Intelligence in Medical Applications
    • ASIR’2012 - 2nd International Workshop on Advances in Semantic Information Retrieval
    • RSA'2012 - International Workshop on Rough Sets Applications
    • WCO'2012 - Workshop on Computational Optimization
    • WEO-DIA'2012 - 1st Workshop on Well-founded Everyday Ontologies – Design, Implementations & Applications
  • CSNS - Computer Science & Network Systems
    • CANA'2012 - Computer Aspects of Numerical Algorithms
    • FINANS'2012 - International Symposium on Frontiers in Network Applications and Network Systems
    • MMAP'2012 - International Symposium on Multimedia Applications and Processing
    • WSN'2012 - International Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks
  • ECRM - Education, Curricula & Research Methods
    • CSERC'2012 - 2nd Computer Science Education Research Conference
    • ISEC'2012 - Information Systems Education & Curricula Workshop
    • SSEM'2012 - Summer School on Service Science and Enterprise Modelling
  • IT4MBS - Information Technology for Management, Business & Society
    • ABICT'2012 - International Workshop on Advances in Business ICT
    • AITM'2012 - 10th Conference on Advanced Information Technologies for Management
    • IT4D'2012 - Information Technology for Disabilities
    • IT4L'2012 - Workshop on Information Technologies for Logistics
    • KAM'2012 - 18th Conference on Knowledge Acquisition and Management
    • TAMoCo'2012 - Techniques and Applications for Mobile Commerce
  • JAWS - Joint Agent-oriented Workshops in Synergy
    • ABC:MI'2012 - Workshop on Agent Based Computing: from Model to Implementation
    • MAS&M'2012 - International Workshop on Multi-Agent Systems and Simulation
    • SEN-MAS'2012 - 1st International Workshop on Smart Energy Networks & Multi-Agent Systems
  • SSD&A - Software Systems Development & Applications
    • ATSE'2012 - 3rd International Workshop Automating Test Case Design, Selection and Evaluation
    • MDASD'2012 - 2nd Workshop on Model Driven Approaches in System Development
    • WSS'2012 - The 4th International Symposium on Web Services

Wrocław (pronounced Vrots-Love) is proud to be the host city of FedCSIS 2012. You are welcome to the city that has gained the titles of „the Meeting Place of Poland” and „the Venice of Poland.” With over a thousand years of history, Wroclaw is the city where as many as 10 Nobel Prize winners lived, and which provides education to as many as 120,000 students enrolled in the city's universities. Wroclaw is the co-host of Euro 2012 - European Football Championships and it was chosen as the 2016 European Capital of Culture, which illustrates diversity of its strengths.


FedCSIS is organized by :

Faculty of Computer Science and Management
, Wrocław University of Technology

Under auspices of :

Prof. Barbara Kudrycka

Minister of Science
and Higher Education

Prof. Michał Kleiber

President of the Polish
Academy of Sciences

Prof. Bogusław Fiedor
Rector of Wroclaw
University of Economics
Prof. Tadeusz Więckowski
Rector of Wroclaw
University of Technology