Conference Registration

Conference full payment includes:

  • lunches on the days between arrival and departure (on 10th, 11th and 12th September)
  • beer tasting on September 9th
  • banquet on September 11th
  • cafe breaks
  • conference materials including electronic copy of proceedings

1-day and 2-days pass payments include:

  • lunches on particular days(see stay options below)
  • cafe breaks
  • social events which has been planning for the participation day(s) (see Conference full payment)
  • conference materials including electronic copy of proceedings


  • On September 13th, there will be a full-day sightseeing tour to Ksiaz castle. The sightseeing tour requires additional payment on site, which is not included in the conference payments. The cost of the sightseeing tour will be announced later. Please note that the required number of participants is at least 30.
  • Participation in the beer tasting and banquet is free of charge, but there is a limited number of seats. Due to this, please select all the events you plan to attend in the form below.
  • No travel expenses are covered!
Name Price in Euro Price in PLN
Tutorial 30.00 € 150.00 zł
Full + Tutorial 475.00 € 1300.00 zł
Full 450.00 € 1200.00 zł
Student 300.00 € 800.00 zł
1-day pass 250.00 € 650.00 zł
2-day pass 350.00 € 900.00 zł
Payment after
August, 31
and on site
500.00 € 1500.00 zł
2,3, ... Author -20%
2,3, ... Paper 100.00 € 350.00 zł
Extra page (max 2) 50.00 € 150.00 zł
Accompanying Person 300.00 € 900.00 zł


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