International Multiconference
on Computer Science and Information Technology

18-20 October 2010, Wisła, Poland
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International Workshop on
Real Time Software (RTS'10)


 Workshop on
Ad-Hoc Wireless Networks



Wednesday – October 20, 2010

Oral presentations – session 1: 9:00-10:45,
hair: Andrzej Turnau

  • Software and hardware in the loop component for an IEC 61850 Co-Simulation platform,
    Haffar Mohamad, Thiriet Jean Marc

  • Integration of Scheduling Analysis into UML Based Development Processes Through Model Transformation,
    Matthias Hagner, Ursula Goltz

  • Intelligent Car Control and Recognition Embedded System,
    Vilem Srovnal, Zdenek Machacek, Radim Hercik, Roman Slaby

  • Supervisory control and real-time constraints,
    Wojciech Grega

  • Real-time controller design based on NI Compact-RIO,
    Maciej Rosół, Adam Piłat, Andrzej Turnau

Coffee break – 10:45-11:15

Oral presentations – session 2: 11:15-13:00,
chair: Wojciech Grega


  • Laboratory real-time systems to facilitate automatic control education and research,
    Krzysztof Kołek, Andrzej Turnau, Krystyn Hajduk, Paweł Piątek, Mariusz Pauluk

  • Methods of Computer-Assisted Manual Control of Wheeled Robots,
    Viktor Michna, Petr Wagner, Jiri Kotzian

  • Wireless Transceiver for Control of Mobile Embedded Devices,
    Jan Kordas, Petr Wagner, Vilem Srovnal

  • Fast Construction of Broadcast Scheduling and Gossiping in Dynamic Ad Hoc Networks,
    Krzysztof Krzywdziński

  • Efficient Coloring of Wireless Ad Hoc Networks With Diminished Transmitter Power,
    Krzysztof Krzywdziński


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