International Multiconference
on Computer Science and Information Technology

18-20 October 2010, Wisła, Poland
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Polish Information Processing Society
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International Workshop
on Advances in Business ICT (ABICT'10)


4th International Workshop on Secure Information Systems (SIS'10)


Wednesday – October 20, 2010, 9:00-10:45

Poster hall (poster presentation), chair: Maria Antonina Mach

  • A method for consolidating application landscapes during the post-merger-integration phase,
    Andreas Freitag, Florian Matthes, Christopher Schulz

  • Hybridization of Temporal Knowledge for Economic Environment Analysis,
    Maria Antonina Mach

  • Independent Operator of Measurements as a Virtual Enterprise on the Energy Market,
    Bozena Ewa Matusiak

  • A Two-level algorithm of time series change detection based on a unique deviations similarity method,
    Tomasz Pełech-Pilichowski, Jan T. Duda

  • STRATEGOS: A case-based approach to strategy making in SME,
    Jerzy Surma

  • Support of the E-business by business intelligence tools and data quality improvement,
    Milena Tvrdikova, Ondrej Koubek 

  • A Security Model for Personal Information Security Management Based on Partial Approximative Set Theory
    Zoltán Csajbók

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