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18-20 October 2010, Wisła, Poland
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6th Workshop on Large Scale Computations on Grids
1st Workshop on Scalable Computing in Distributed Systems (LaSCoG-SCoDiS'10)


Tuesday – October 19, 2010, 9:00-10:45

Poster hall (poster session), chair: Marcin Paprzycki

  • A Modeling Language Approach for the Abstraction of the Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) Framework,
    Christian Benjamin Ries, Thomas Hilbig, Christian Schröder

  • Managing large datasets with iRODS – a performance analyses,
    Denis Hünich, Ralph Müller-Pfefferkorn

  • Resource Fabrics: the next level of grids and clouds,
    Lutz Schubert, Matthias Assel, Stefan Wesner

  • Multi-level Parallelization with Parallel Computational Services in BeesyCluster, Paweł Czarnul

  • Modelling, Optimization and Execution of Workflow Applications with Data Distribution, Service Selection and Budget Constraints in BeesyCluster,
    Paweł Czarnul

  • Service level agreements for job control in high-performance computing,
    Roland Kübert, Stefan Wesner

  • Exploratory Programming in the Virtual Laboratory,
    Eryk Ciepiela, Daniel Harężlak, Joanna Kocot, Tomasz Bartyński, Maciej Malawski

  • Degisco Green Methodologies in Desktop Grids, AlmereGrid,
    Ad Emmen

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