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18-20 October 2010, Wisła, Poland
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Workshop on Agent Based Computing: from Model to Implementation  VII (ABC:MI'10)

Wisla, Poland, October 18-20, 2010


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The field of agent technology is rapidly maturing. One of key factors that influence this process is the gathered body of knowledge that allows in-depth reflection on the very nature of designing and implementing agent systems. As a result, we know better how to design and implement them. We also understand the most important issues to be addressed in the process. Therefore, on the top-most level we see progress in development of methodologies for design of agent-based systems. Furthermore, these methodologies are usually supported by tools that allow not only top level conceptualization but guide the process towards implementation (e.g. by generating at least some code). Next, we can see that new languages for agent based systems are created, e.g. AML or API Calculus. Separately, tools/platforms/environments that can be used for design and implementation of agent systems have been through a number of releases, eliminating problems and adding new, important features. Resulting products are becoming truly robust and flexible. Furthermore, open source products (e.g. JADE) are surrounded by user communities, which often generate powerful ad-on components, further increasing value of existing solutions.

During the Workshop we are primarily interested in all aspects of the process that leads from the model of the problem domain to the actual agent-based solution. These aspects will cover both principled approaches and established practices of software engineering aimed at producing high quality software. In this context, research into the application of agent-based solutions to key challenges faced by software engineering (e.g. reduction of costs and delivery times, coping with a larger diversity of problems) will be of primary importance.

ABC:MI Workshop welcomes submissions of original papers concerning all aspects of software agent engineering.

Topics include but are not limited to:

  • Methodologies for design of agent systems
  • Multi-agent systems product lines
  • Modeling agent systems
  • Agent architectures
  • Agent-based simulations
  • Simulating and verifying agent systems
  • Agent benchmarking and performance measurement
  • Agent communication, coordination and cooperation
  • Agent languages
  • Agent learning and planning
  • Agent mobility
  • Agent modeling, calculi, and logics
  • Agent security
  • Agents and Service Oriented Computing
  • Agents in the Semantic Web
  • Applications and Experiences


History of ABC:MI

Agent Based Computing: from Model to Implementation (ABC:MI) Workshop is a result of an evolutionary process involving:

  • Special Track on Agents, Interactions, Mobility, and Systems - AIMS organized within the framework of the ACM Symposium on Applied Computing in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008.
  • International Workshop on (Multi-)Agent Systems in E-Business: Concepts, Technologies and Applications - MASeB organized in 2006, 2007 with the IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology -  WI-IAT and in 2008 with the International Conference on Intelligent Systems Design and Applications – ISDA.
  • Agent Based Computing Workshop – ABC initially organized in 2003, 2005, 2006 within the framework of various multiconferences, and recently (2007 and 2008) within the framework of the International Multiconference on Computing Science and Information Technology.

During 2008, after receiving an invitation to create a track for the SEAA conference, we have decided that the best approach is going to be to merge the three events (AIMS, MASeB and ABC) into a single one, and focus it on the, broadly understood, software-engineering oriented aspects of Agent Based Computing. This is how the ABC:MI Workshop has come into being.


Papers Submission

  • Authors should submit draft papers (as Postscript, PDF of MSWord file).
  • The total length of a paper should not exceed 8 pages (IEEE style). IEEE style templates are available here.
  • Papers will be refereed and accepted on the basis of their scientific merit and relevance to the workshop.
  • Accepted and Presented paper will be published in the Conference Proceedings and included in the IEEE Xplore® database
  • Authors of selected best papers accepted and presented during the ABC:MI Workshop will be invited to submit extended versions of their contributions to the special issue of the Multiagent and Grid Systems Journal (published by IOS Press; to be published in the last issue published in 2011).
  • The second special issue is planned for the Science of Computer Programming journal (ISI indexed, published by Elsevier).
  • Finally, a separate special issue is planned for the Journal of Network and Computer Applications (ISI indexed, published by Elsevier). This issue is to be topic-focused, and consist of selected papers originating from the ABC:MI and from an open call.
  • Organizers reserve right to move accepted papers between IMCSIT events.

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