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12-14 October 2009, Mrągowo, Poland
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Program of the
1st International Symposium on Intelligent Mobile Technologies for Social Change (IMT4SC'09)

October 12th, 2009 – Monday

9:15-10:45 Oral Presentations 1, chair – Anita Wasilewska

  1. Social Inclusion of Young Marginalized People through Online Mobile Communities
    Ilse Marschalek, Elisabeth Unterfrauner, Claudia Magdalena Fabian

  2. Conceptual Content Requirements for a Mobile Online Learning Community for Marginalized Youth
    Ben Lockyer, Jean Johnson, Jonny Dyer

  3. WishVast: Building Trust and Social Capital using Cellphones
    Khanjan Mehta, Ladislaus Semali

  4. Text Messaging to Authenticate Products through Matching Hidden Codes
    Ashifi Gogo, Elsa Garmire

14:30-15:30 Oral Presentations 2, chair – Anita Wasilewska
  1. A Model for Teaching Mobile Application Development for Social Changes: Implementation and Lessons Learned in Senegal
    Christelle Scharff, Anita Wasilewska, Jennifer Wong, Mamadou Bousso, Ibrahima Ndiaye

  2. Mobile Applications for Informal Economies
    Tapsie Giridher, Raksik Kim, Divya Rai, Adam Hanover, Jun Yu

  3. Developing Template Applications for Social Advancement
    Anita Wasilewska, Jennifer Wong

15:30-16:00 Round Table Discussion


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