International Multiconference
on Computer Science and Information Technology

12-14 October 2009, Mrągowo, Poland
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4th International Symposium
Advances in Artificial Intelligence and Applications (AAIA'09)

Mr�?gowo, Poland, October 12-14, 2009


Professor Juliusz Lech Kulikowski ‘in pill’


Juliusz Lech Kulikowski – a good scientist, warm man, very nice, friendly and always helpful.

1949-1955: study at the Faculty of Communication of The Warsaw University of Technology
1955-1959: post-graduate study at the Higher School of Technology in Moscow (USSR)
1959: the candidate of sciences (1st level doctoral) degree at the Higher School of Technology in Moscow
1959-1966: Warsaw University of Technology, an assistant professor
1966: the 2nd level doctoral (habilitation) degree at Warsaw University of Technology
1966-1971: Institute of Automation of Polish Academy of Sciences
1971-1974: Institute of Applied Cybernetics of Polish Academy of Sciences
1974-1976: Institute of Organisation and Management of Polish Academy of Sciences
1976-1982: Institute of Computer Sciences of Polish Academy of Sciences
1982- Institute of Biocybernetics  and Biomedical Engineering of Polish Academy of Sciences, from 1989 as a full professor.

Scientific interest: statistical methods in signal processing; pattern recognition; operational research; theory and design of information systems; artificial intelligence; computer-aided image processing methods; applications of computers in medicine

Publications: more than 250 original works (papers in widely distributed scientific journals, papers  in the proceedings of national and international scientific conferences, chapters in books) as well as several dozens of scientific popular or review papers, an individual author of 4 books and 4 monographs

Projects: coordinator of research projects concerning design of pilot computer systems in selected areas of national economy and he headed a group elaborating a concept of structure and organization of a national scientific information system (SINTO)

Editions: was a chief-editor of several collective publications; is a chief- editor of a scientific quarterly Machine Graphics and Vision (edited by the Institute of Computer Science PAS)

Positions: full professor; head (for more than 25 years) of the Department of Biomedical Information Processing Methods in the Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering PAS

Awarded by: the Scientific Secretary of the Polish Academy of Sciences; the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology; also for his scientific-popular activity; was decorated with some governmental orders

Visits: 1971, 1975, 1976: several weeks as a visiting professor in the International Centre of Mechanical Sciences (CISM) in Udine (Italy); 1985, 1988: a visiting professor in the Otto von Guericke University of Technology in Magdeburg (Germany)

Member of: the Polish Mathematical Society; an ordinary member of the Warsaw Scientific Society; a vice-chairman of the Information Processing Association in Poland, the group TC-13 (Human-Computer Interaction) of  IFIP; was a member of Scientific Councils of several institutes, of Scientific Committees of the Polish Academy of Sciences,  and of the Central Commission for Scientific Title and Scientific Degrees in Poland; several times nominated, by the Presidium of the Polish Academy of Sciences, the chairman of the Polish National Committee for co-operation with CODATA  (the Committee for Data for Science and Technology)

Family: married, his daughter is an university lecturer

Address: Prof. Juliusz Lech Kulikowski
Institute of Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering Polish Academy of Sciences


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