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12-14 October 2009, Mrągowo, Poland
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Second Workshop on Research and Development in IT (R&D'09)

Mr�?gowo, Poland, October 12-14, 2009

Seminars and panel discussions during this session will be dedicated to the following issues:

  • presence of IT related R&D activities in CEE countries;
  • typical issues and challenges of companies investing in innovations;
  • cooperation of industrial R&D centres with the science and education sector;
  • organisation of offshore R&D centres;
  • examples of strategic initiatives, eg. POIG (PL), NESSI (EU);
  • role of the National Contact Point as an innovation broker;
  • process of building R&D centres, incubators and technology clusters;
  • the nature of innovations, measuring its impact and efficiency;
  • technology transfer (from research to industry);
  • R&D financing: Venture Capital, technological credit or innovation fund.

The purpose of the second edition of the R&D Workshop (program of the first workshop can be found here) is to consider the IT related R&D from a broadest possible perspective. During the Workshop we would like to help people to share their experiences and present new ideas. Furthermore, one of important aims of the workshop is to set up a regular discussion forum to promote exchange of ideas and results aimed at development of IT related R&D presence in the CEE.

Session language: English.

How to contribute:

The IMCSIT Commitee invites companies and individuals to contribute to the RD'09 workshop.
  • Abstracts should be sent no later than June, 22, 2009 to the address .
  • Preferred file format is Portable Document Format (PDF).


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